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Our review process aims to ultimately review all apps that appear in the Medical, Health or Fitness categories of the App Store and Google Play. We do this by organising the c165,000 Apps into a number of sub-categories such as Diabetes, Stroke, Anxiety, Diet etc. We then review all those Apps which have met our qualifying standard (read more about this in the DNQ section of our review process), category by category, based on the highest downloaded App in the relevant category. Having reviewed an App from each of our c160 sub-categories we then start the cycle again. We review in excess of 200 Apps per week and aim to have reviewed over 10,000 Apps within the next 12 months and 30,000 Apps over the next two years.

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Get a Re-Review or a Pre-Review

If your App is unlikely to reach the top of a relevant sub-category ‘bucket’ for some time - on the basis outlined above – you can ask for us to push your App to the top of the queue. Similarly if we have already reviewed your App and you have as a result undertaken improvements and wish for this new version of the App to be Re-Reviewed quickly you can also ask for this to be done as a priority. If you are still in the process of developing your App and you would like to understand what score it would achieve (and its associated levels of compliance with relevant standards), you can also ask for a Pre-Review.

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Add information and Share Data

Our Review Process includes an ‘enhanced review’ element which commences with Developers augmenting the information we hold and have identified through our review, with additional elements that are not usually or always publically available, but which can significantly enhance the quality of the ORCHA Review and the subsequent scores.

The additional information we request in an enhanced review includes data on downloads, demographic breakdown of your user base (to help better targeting of the App to potential new users), the utilisation data for your Apps usage amongst your user base, specific evidence of clinical or professional trials or testing processes, evidence of impact and sustainability and many other elements.

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Market and regulatory insight support

ORCHA can provide a wide array of market and regulatory advice and guidance alongside the standard and/or enhanced reviews.

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