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Micro-site suites

Client branded ORCHA Micro-site or suite of Mini Micro-sites, provides an ‘own branded’ version of the main ORCHA platform for you to use to support your local populations, initiatives, services users and patients. This platform can be branded to reflect existing digital assets, and to reflect new initiatives and approaches to digitally engage your community. We provide you with advice and guidance on how to position it and how to develop ‘Find App’ links from all your existing digital assets, in addition to promoting the platform directly through your current communication and engagement channels, both digital and non-digital.

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The ORCHA Pro-Page provides your health and care professionals with their own secure ORCHA account that enables them to not only find and compare Apps, but also to securely recommend them to their patients and to monitor and track their patients’ responses and engagement.

Please visit our Health Care Professionals page for more information on the functions and features available.


Targeted Campaigns

The combination of a Micro-site, targeted at particular population cohorts (either on a geographic, demographic or condition/pathway basis) and the 'in parallel' targeting of Pro-Page Accounts to relevant and aligned Healthcare Professionals and teams, enables health and care communities to very clearly deliver ORCHA solutions to the most challenging and digitally disengaged individuals and localities within their care.

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Monitor Usage and Trends

Our Micro-site admin console enables health and care communities to monitor the overall activity and associated trends around mHealth adoption and use in their environments. The wealth of data available allows the analysis of rates of adoption by geography, demography or condition/pathway. It shows the relative levels of engagement amongst the professional community and offers opportunities to identify exemplar professionals, practices or teams and those that are struggling to engage fully with the mHealth opportunities.

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