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Find and Compare an App

Having narrowed down a selection of relevant Apps, the ORCHA App Scoring system enables you to Compare similar Apps and identify which offers the best combination of value vs any inherent risks associated with its use. This is achieved through our 118 point, objective review process, which delivers a simple set of review scores that supports you in evaluating Apps. It also enables you to search for specific Apps that you may have become aware of and evaluate whether those Apps are likely to be a good fit for particular needs.

Start Searching

Recommending Apps

Having found an App that meets the needs of your patient or client, you are then able to securely recommend this to them via their email address. ORCHA provides you with a clear audit trail of what you have recommended, to whom and whether that recommendation has been acted upon. This process is backed up by the review process that ensures that you have a clear rationale for choosing one App over another.

View Patient Records

Keeping a record of all your recommendations is an important part of the Pro-Page. This feature allows you to review all of the patients that you (or your practice or team colleagues) have recommended Apps to by name. This also allows you to review, with your patient or client, their experience of any App in question and to capture that feedback to provide more valuable insights in addition to the basic ORCHA review data. The 'My Patients section' also highlights to you where a patient or client has not acted upon your recommendation. The professional’s overall conversion rate is displayed as part of the 'My Dashboard' feature.

Monitor Trends

The 'My Dashboard' area in the Pro-Page, provides you with an array of analytical insights about your interaction with the ORCHA platform, as well as your patients and client interactions. It also provides comparative data to show your relative use vs your local colleagues or the global ORCHA professional population (coming soon).